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The Specialist 2: using e-mail

Tócalasam Laboratorio Creativo presents the second piece for BBVA intranet de BBVA as a tutorial about “good use” of e-mail. With this second episode The Specialist becomes a great saga. – Production: Tócalasam Laboratorio Creativo – Producer: Andrea Gómez – Director / Writer: Felipe Vara de Rey – Camera operator: Sara Pérez – Edition: Nöel [...]

The Specialist: PowerPoint (corporative)

As you can see, if you browse the web contents, it seems that BBVA is enjoying with work from Tócalasam Laboratorio Creativo. They  don’t stop ordering scripts, commercials, voice recordings, videos, etc. A few hours ago we went to BBVA Headquarter to record a quite curious video where we explain the basic keys to making [...]

“The Motto”, a different and controversial spot

The producer Tócalasam has been commissioned to design and produce videos of IU campaign for the 2009 European elections. The character I play is Charly, advertising director. Excited at the thought that the brilliance of his videos will give him the final push to his career, but he has to face the reality of the [...]

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