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On the set of “Patricia Marcos: Desaparecida”

  • 8 March, 2010
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These days I have had the opportunity to participate in the award winning TV show Patricia Marcos: Desaparecida. A series produced by TVE, starring Miguel Ángel Solá and Luisa Martín.

The series chronicles the missing and search for young Patricia Marcos, who is lost in middle of the night while celebrating her 18th birthday in a village on the outskirts of Madrid. The Marcos family begins his ordeal and, in search of the young, is allied with Sierra, Liutenant of the Central Operations Unit (U.C.O.). Much like a real events, the story recreates how a family suffers the loss of a loved one.

Awarded at prestigious international competitions, has recently received several awards at the New York International Festival, which annually recognizes the best work in news programs, documentaries, entertainment, music or promotions. Patricia Marcos: Desaparecida has won the Silver Medal for Best miniseries. Miguel Ángel Solá and Luisa Martín received the Bronze Medal in the category of Best Actors.

In the last edition of the Seoul Drama Festival Award won the Grand Seoul Drama Award, recognized as the best program of all categories, and the award for Best Direction of mini-series, for work done by Carlos Sedes, Manuel Palacios, Jorge Sánchez Cabezudo and José María Caro. Moreover, in the last Television Awards of Actors Union, Luisa Martín received the award for Best Actress protagonist, while Carlos Hipólito and Miguel Ángel Solá collected, ex aequo, the Award for Best Leading Actor.

In the 48th edition of the International Television Festival in Monte Carlo, the series won the Golden Nymph for Best European Production and actress Esther Ortega won the award in the category of Best European dramatic Actress. Also, the actress Luisa Martín also received the Gold Chameleon from Islantilla Festival as Best Actress of Spanish fiction.

TVE (Spanish Television), through its website, offers the ability to view the entire season of Patricia Marcos: Desaparecida.