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Shooting the show “L’Alqueria Blanca”

  • 19 May, 2011
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L’Alqueria Blanca, this TV show has made history in Valencian television. Now continues its journey in the seventh season. It is one of the most watched programs in Valencia, competing with the big stake state shows. Marc Manero has participated in one of its episodes. Filmed from the fictional town of L’Alqueria Blanca to studies of the City of Light in Alicante, is broadcasted every Sunday in the Valencian regional channel, Canal 9. Marc plays a road laborer trying to seduce one of the girls in town, causing a stir among a small group of close friends.

Argument: L’Alqueria Blanca offers a journey back in time to the 60′s to reflect the life of a provincial town. In a rural environment, marked by the large differences between the two families representative of the site, the Falco and the Pedreguer, star in a series of stories with love over class differences, envy, jealousy and scandal to some of the unstoppable progress of society as principal axes of the argument.

What may be a quiet town that reflects the life of its inhabitants absorbed, away from large cities, media and society advances, becomes the scene of a class struggle.

You can visit the official site of the show.